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What To Expect Community. STDs Evergreen story Features. The lubricant keeps the teatree oil from absorbing into the tampon. Cranberries also lower the pH of your urine, which may be useful in helping combat yeast infections, since the acidic urine passes over some of your infected parts on its way out. In ancient times, there were gruesome tales about vaginas with teeth. We specialize in treating mental health and substance abuse through multiple techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral therapy and family therapy. Probably not a great idea. Patricia. Age: 24. I'm available 24/7 Kristal. Age: 30. Fun, energetic and down to earth

Dangerous trend: Kids soaking tampons in vodka to get drunk

Created by emmapboom00 Last post 10 months ago. If the person does pass out or lose consciousness, health care professionals won't necessarily know that they have to look in those areas and that may delay treatment, Quan told KPHO. Earlier this year in Tuttlingen, Germany, for example, police reported activity regarding teenagers and vodka tampons and warned girls that the vodka could increase their chances of getting a vaginal infection. The lining of the vagina mucosa is very similar to the lining in your mouth, but neither are very permeable. What To Expect Community. Apply once or twice a day until at least a day after your symptoms clear up. For the life of me, i can't figure out how you'd get a soaking-wet, expanded tampon into a vagina, so I've never tried it. If you have alcohol in your blood whether it is from drinking, tamponing, or eyeballing some booze , you will necessarily be breathing some of it out and it will show up on a breathalyzer test. Tampons are designed to hold liquid, not release it - so the desired effect of getting drunk may not happen. By Audrey Washington Editor's Note: What if you take the applicator off? And what kind of effects would this have on the body? One blogger who was successful in inserting a vodka soaked tampon complained that the pain was instantaneous and severe and provided no perceived level of intoxication whatsoever.

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Women are sticking vodka tampons up their vaginas to get drunk quicker | Daily Star

Tampons are designed to hold liquid, not release it - so the desired effect of getting drunk may not happen. Use the apple cider vinegar topically first to check your sensitivity toward the vinegar. It's cheap, easily accessible and contains 62 perc Fostering an open conversation about these trends is a more effective approach to educate adolescents and teens than pretending they do not happen. There can be changes in vaginal odor because of diet, health, and other factors. Photo courtesy of news.

MYTH: You need to clean your vagina with special products.


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